Rosemary Sherrod was born and raised in Chicago but for the past 21 years has made her home in Huntsville, Alabama. In her professional life, she is a successful graphic designer and web developer. Additionally, after many years in an active role within her church, she recently became an ordained minister. The turbulent times she's experienced throughout her life include the death of her son Qe’Vonte from cancer. This compelled her to write her book, Believing in the Dark, chronicling his fifteen year battle with the disease. She hopes this story will be used to uplift, enlighten, and inspire people to love their lives fully through God. Today, Rosemary lives with her children, Xavier and Kayla and their dog Twix. She is also a member of the urban gospel group, Shekina N’ Glory. In her free time, Rosemary enjoys spending time with her family, writing, lunch dates with friends, long walks and creating various forms of art.

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Believing in the Dark

Embrace What Is Blooming in Your Darkness 

With God...there is a light that can shine as bright as the sun in the midst of our darkest times. There are moments when hopelessness grips our souls, attempting to convince us there is no way out of the pain and agony we may be suffering. Rosemary Sherrod knows that first hand. In addition to her own struggles, she had a front row seat to the suffering of her son. She watched him battle cancer for fifteen years and this is her story of how the Lord shined His light in the middle of that darkness.